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The Company

Our company, born over 50 years ago, is located inside the Veio Park, next to the recent discovery of the oldest Etruscan burial place called the "Roaring Lions" (700 BC). It originally consisted of an old plot planted with vineyards and a cellar dug into the tuff. In the 2000s, Paolo David took over the business by planting new vineyards and bringing Terre del Veio to the levels of excellence that distinguishes it today.

The company is the result of an area dedicated to viticulture for thousands of years. Lying on the soft slopes of the territory overlooking the ancient Etruscan city of Veio, then Campagna Romana, it has about 12 hectares of vineyards that surround the winery, built with the best technology to safeguard the quality of the grapes..

Although wine makes up the primary production of the farm, our lands offer other valuable products such as oil and honey produced by our bees. With its sceneries and typical features, such as cellars, vineyards and farm animals, the farm also offers a relaxing break in contact with nature at only a stone's throw away from Rome, capital city of Italy.


The Vineyard

Located on a hilly terrain of volcanic origin whose predominant source is ??tuff. It is arranged in rows with 4500 vines per hectare, guyot-pruned to guarantee its quality. Extreme care and respect for the environment characterize the philosophy of the David family.

The Cellar

Located in direct contact with the vineyards, its systems and structures have recently been renovated. The exclusive use of steel was chosen for processing the grapes, while maintaining the use of wooden barrels for the aging of more structured wines.


Beekeeping is a symbol of sustainability, respect for the territory and our other great passion. Bees work in synergy with the vineyard, preventing the onset of grape diseases and at the same time offering nourishment for them.


Our Selection

Our Wines


Lazio I.G.P.
Enveloping softness, bright and impenetrable purple color. Powerful, yet naturally pleasant. Harmony reigns among the spicy and balsamic notes that accompany a finish of ripe red fruits, cocoa and sweet tobacco. The flavour is black berried fruit, spices and cinchona. Sapid with tannins that give great structure but also soft with a slightly bitter finish. It enhances and is enhanced by traditional Lazio dishes but also with Mediterranean cuisine. Meditation wine, ideal to accompany the reading of a book in front of the glow of a fireplace.


Roma D.O.C. Malvasia Puntinata Classico
With the White Cremera speaks an authentic territory, through a vine that has always lived in this magical soil. The freshness of this wine is immediately revealed to the nose, with delicious and coordinated aromas. The aromaticity of this Lazio vine expresses itself with fruity memories that combine with floral notes in a warm meeting of aromas. In the mouth the touch is soft with a typically almond finish. A white wine that brings to mind the scents of the Veio Park, normally paired with fish dishes, shellfish and the most important Lazio preparations; ideal for an aperitif, excellent combination with the first courses of the Roman cuisine.


Roma D.O.C. Rosso Classico
A red wine with enveloping softness, a bright and impenetrable purple color. Powerful, yet naturally pleasant. Harmony reigns among the spicy and balsamic notes that accompany a finish of ripe red fruits, cocoa and sweet tobacco. It is a velvety wine that enhances and is enhanced by the dishes of traditional Roman cuisine but also goes perfectly with a caponata of swordfish in an almond and sesame crust, as proposed by one of the best restaurants in the capital. The right choice for those who want to taste a wine that is truly “Roman”.


Lazio I.G.P.
Impetuous and elegant structure dictated by fine and persistent tannins flavoured by a gustatory equilibrium balanced by unparalleled harmony. Balsamic notes prevail, accompanied by sweet and persistent spices, typical of this variety. All this is balanced by a powerful salinity due to the nature of the soil. Excellent paired with grilled and roasted red meats. Surprising as a meditation wine accompanied with meat patè.


Lazio I.G.P.
Light comes from the glass of this wine. A light of extraordinary territoriality, the light of this unique territory rich in millennia of history. Autochthonous vine with a precious aromatic range, with light and clean notes of citrus fruits (lime), broom, Roman mint and wild herbs. In the mouth it is enveloping, mineral and balanced; it is a wine capable of being paired with the best dishes of traditional Lazio cuisine but also recommended with oriental raw fish based dishes.


Lazio I.G.P.
The result of a selection of Chardonnay grapes, the characterization of this wine is certainly its elegance and drinkability. It is an explosion of aromaticity that introduces more noble and calm hints, typical of Chardonnay, such as sweet herbs (Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and Chamomile) and minerals. Balanced, fresh and persistent. Nexum is an all-meal wine, perfect for an aperitif.


Lazio I.G.P.
Power and structure, enveloped in a sensation of softness on the palate and great balance. A blend that best represents this territory. Ruby color and dense, with a broad bouquet, rich in authoritative and clean aromas of fruit and ripe berries, violet and undergrowth.


Lazio I.G.P.
Its golden color together with a large aromatic bouquet of white peach, lime and wild herbs, present a noble and elegant wine, but at the same time authoritative like the character dedicated to it. Produced only in the best vintages.


Fine and persistent perlage. The bouquet gives pleasant sweet notes of acacia, pear, exotic fruit, wisteria with a sapid and herbaceous background. The taste is lively, balanced and persistent, supported by a pleasant acidity. Ideal with an aperitif, raw fish or fresh goat cheese flavored with herbs.


Terre del Veio

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